Health Matters

However you say it – this is a universal truth: Health Matters. For you, your nearest and dearest, the wider community, and globally.

Health issues are many and various:

  • so obvious it’s nigh impossible to not notice; others hidden, secretive, invisible
  • some will raise high levels of sympathy while others may cause revulsion and repugnance
  • some appear trivial, others life-changing
  • physical / emotional / mental / neurological
  • known worldwide / experienced by a very small percentage of people

My own understanding of health matters goes back over many years and this is why I want to share my experiences with others. If it only opens up knowledge or a greater understanding to a handful of individuals then I’ll be happy. Over almost seven decades I have come head-to-head with:

  • depression with psychosis and anxiety
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • bi-polar 1 (with psychosis)
  • autism
  • Sensory Integration Dysfunction with balance problems
  • carpal tunnel syndrome and severe foot pain
  • migraine
  • arthritis

There have been too many hospital admissions, too many treatments, and too much time wasted for my liking.
But hey! I’m still here and I have achieved over those same years.
So please, take what you can from my experience, and perhaps you would like to share your own to open up the conversation.