Marilyn Unmasking: what’s new?

Art, coming out of lockdown#1

At this time when things are re-shaping themselves I thought I’d offer my take on an artist who was famed for blocking his world with colour and geometry: Mondrian. At the time I created it I was attending a DBT course aimed at supporting autistic people. Life within Therapy I created this Mondrian inspired grid…

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One swallow does not make a Summer

so the saying goes.Well I reckon Summer is upon us as the swallows have been with us for a couple of weeks now and the nest building is about complete. But before the swallows came the swifts … It was amazing to watch a dozen or more birds flying and swooping around the house, checking…

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Summer 2019: roaming free

As we get into our stride with Summer 2020, alas just metaphorically as we are not free to stride out in North Wales, I wanted to share a few moments from Summer 2019. There were some glorious moments and perhaps we would have savoured them more had we known what was to come. This year’s…

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