Where I Rant, Rage, Roar

If I had a soapbox this is where I’d pull it out and climb aboard.

I tend to rant a lot but it is more to do with being highly principled than with just liking to have a moan. In a nutshell –

  • I don’t approve of big companies that exploit their customers.
  • I don’t approve of the fat cats who grab huge bonuses while their workforce goes under.
  • I don’t approve of individuals who purport to be improving the well-being of their followers while filling their own coffers.

So it’s not all negative as I also question principles and conjectures.

If that’s out of order so be it. I’ll take the consequences.

If you have your own rants that you’d like to share – please do it here.
Step up on to my Soapbox.

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