Sussex Saga: a passive protest

Well the news is in and I can only respond with a Passive Protest. The Queen’s statement following the ‘Sandringham Summit’ appears to be offering everything the Sussexes want. Let me re-phrase that, everything Ms Markle wants. Now I cannot fathom which of two reasons would have led the Royal Family (vis The Queen, PrinceContinue reading “Sussex Saga: a passive protest”

Annoying News Items: is it just me?

To clarify, it is not the actual News item. It is the ‘facts’ they use to support it. Today I read a News item about buying medication online. It is, potentially, a very dangerous thing to do and should be discouraged. Actually, it should be stopped. It can ruin lives. The drug in question wasContinue reading “Annoying News Items: is it just me?”

Just how many Experts can we cope with?

There’s something of an ‘Expert’ epidemic: on radio, TV, social media – there they are spouting their stuff. Often the subject is so ‘niche’ that individuals with no seemingly relevant qualifications can set themselves up as a new fount of knowledge. With articles or a book written they self-promote, these days perhaps giving a TEDContinue reading “Just how many Experts can we cope with?”

Another pharmaceutical company lawsuit. Should no-one else be held accountable?

Johnson & Johnson is well and truly on the hook again. It would appear that this company has no compunction in profiting at the expense of the health and well-being of their consumers. A list of recent and pending lawsuits totalling $billions does not appear to be making much of a dent in revenues soContinue reading “Another pharmaceutical company lawsuit. Should no-one else be held accountable?”