Art in a time of lockdown #8

“Aweary in Lockdown” One of my favourite paintings is Millais’s ‘Mariana’, based on the Tennyson poem of the same name, which was in turn inspired by William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure.Recent news articles have featured the increasing health problems, notably backache, from working at home without benefit of ergonomic seating. I wanted to capture theContinue reading “Art in a time of lockdown #8”

Battle over a Urinal: is it a Gender Issue?

Art Galleries, Art Books, Art Critics ascribe the signed and dated urinal, Fountain, as the work of Marcel Duchamp, the French-American artist and creator of ‘Ready-Made’ art. Only cursory research is necessary to realise that neither statement should be accepted at face-value. A rider is required: it is the principally patriarchal art institutions and maleContinue reading “Battle over a Urinal: is it a Gender Issue?”

Art in the time of lockdown #7

“Listless in Lockdown” Process and back story: The sketches I had made quite some time ago: the man at a ‘life class’ that was part of a course for ‘Primary School Art Co-ordinators’ about 25 years ago, and the woman while in hospital a few years after that.The composition was created from six layers inContinue reading “Art in the time of lockdown #7”

Art in the time of lockdown #6

“All the Flowers are Dying” Inspiration: Sunflowers (Tournesols in French), Vincent van Gogh,two series created late 1880s Van Gogh’s series of ‘Sunflowers’: the first of sunflowers lying on the ground (in Paris), the second of sunflowers in a vase (in Arles).He had lived with his brother Theo while in Paris, then when in Arles and workingContinue reading “Art in the time of lockdown #6”

Art in the time of lockdown #5

“The Queue” Process for both images I used photographs I had taken over the past ten years, then worked on them in Adobe Photoshop Elements the speech bubbles are from the standard Shapes Tools Inspiration: Fountain, Marcel Duchamp,original ‘ready-made’ was dated 1917 This particular artwork proved to have such an intriguing back-story that I’ll beContinue reading “Art in the time of lockdown #5”

Art in the time of lockdown #4

“Lockdown Lullaby“ Process: the main part is from a photograph that my husband took of me, picking out notes on our keyboard I used various effects in Affinity Photo to achieve the blurred, almost other-worldly feel I was after to achieve the image-within-image of the ‘window’ I worked with layers in Adobe Photoshop Elements Inspiration:Continue reading “Art in the time of lockdown #4”