Australia: two-sided coin or multi-faceted gem?

At the moment Australia is headlining in our news, and not for any ‘feel good’ reasons. Vast swathes of the country are being devastated by bush fires. Homes have been destroyed; natural habitats are being wiped out. People have died. Yet what do we know of this country, set alone in an azure Southern sea?Continue reading “Australia: two-sided coin or multi-faceted gem?”

Uluru revisited: a poem on the iconic rock.

Mysterious it lies, foreboding perhaps, a monstrous creature nestled on flat desert plain; deep burnt-earth orange, now red, vermillion, purple after rain.   Walking closer, a snake, a face appears weathered in the millennia mound; caves and tree-edged crevices beckon offering shade from the scorching heat; forms stare from beneath smooth overhangs telling hypnotic dreamtimes;Continue reading “Uluru revisited: a poem on the iconic rock.”

Uluru: to climb or not to climb? Should this ever have been an option?

Uluru – a monumental sandstone monolith – is the most majestic and magical natural wonder on the planet. I was fortunate to visit this iconic site in 2003 travelling through Australia’s Red Centre from Alice Springs. The weather was hot, the air dry and dusty. Finding some shade was the only comfortable option. But IContinue reading “Uluru: to climb or not to climb? Should this ever have been an option?”