Winter silence: that would be so welcome

At this very busy time of year the difficulties that people with sensory problems have escalate beyond understanding. On every Asperger / Autism / Aspie Facebook group I belong to individuals are voicing the problems they experience at this time of Celebration. This is not a flash in the pan problem, nor a Noel Niggle,Continue reading “Winter silence: that would be so welcome”

World Animal Day, October 4

On this day each year World Animal Day is celebrated. History:In March 1925 Heinrich Zimmermann organised the first World Animal Day in Berlin. In 1929 the event was moved to 4 October, the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi who is celebrated for his love of animals and nature. The day was only celebratedContinue reading “World Animal Day, October 4”

Travels 2: Rievaulx Abbey

This month Rievaulx Abbey in Yorkshire played host to the Light Installation, Museum of the Moon.Spectacular, magical, surreal: such words do not do it justice. I shall let a few of my images speak for it. From the Visitor Centre a one-way circuit was picked out with lights and candles, making the pathway safe andContinue reading “Travels 2: Rievaulx Abbey”

The End is Just the Beginning: a poem on birth

On my birthday I thought I’d share my poem about the wonder of birth. nine months of waiting is complete, of aching back and pushing feet, of awkward sleep and food to crave, examinations, smiles brave; quick shave, warm shower, all is done – the time has come – the term has run: it’s nature’sContinue reading “The End is Just the Beginning: a poem on birth”

Another year older? Just another number.

Nine days to go and I hit 69. I embrace the number – hey it’s a multiple of 3! – and I feel it’ll be a good one. I’ll be celebrating in the Lake District and that always means visiting Theatre by the Lake in Keswick. Three shows are booked (another 3) and we setContinue reading “Another year older? Just another number.”