Mountain walking. Why don’t the authorities make it easier?

Complaints by some holiday makers beggar belief I live in North Wales within the Snowdonia National Park named after Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales with an elevation of 3560 feet / 1,085 metres above sea level.To get to the top is definitely not a stroll in the park.No-one has said it was. AndContinue reading “Mountain walking. Why don’t the authorities make it easier?”

Sorted. It’s good to talk. Sometimes.

Follow-up to previous rant about hospital appointments. Decided to phone Appointment Department first thing Monday morning. Busy. I got sick of hearing recorded message so I decided to try a while later. This time the phone was answered. Yay. I had all my information written out and cleared the ground by explaining that I neededContinue reading “Sorted. It’s good to talk. Sometimes.”

Is there a ppoint to appointment departments?

A Heads-up here. Soapbox Session header means I’m in total rant mode. Scene setting: late last week I received a letter from the Appointments Coordinator of an NHS Foundation Trust. It was to tell me I could make an appointment with the Neurology Clinic and should reply within 7 days. I did not have aContinue reading “Is there a ppoint to appointment departments?”