Negative Attitude or Attitude Negated?

Recent news headline:School closures, ‘He’s not getting up until one o’clock’ The story focussed on the problems of getting students to knuckle down to home learning during Covid-19 lockdown. Two mothers gave their views on the situation for their children. One of the mothers said her children were “keen to get back to school …Continue reading “Negative Attitude or Attitude Negated?”

Art in the time of lockdown #7

“Listless in Lockdown” Process and back story: The sketches I had made quite some time ago: the man at a ‘life class’ that was part of a course for ‘Primary School Art Co-ordinators’ about 25 years ago, and the woman while in hospital a few years after that.The composition was created from six layers inContinue reading “Art in the time of lockdown #7”

Art in the time of lockdown #4

“Lockdown Lullaby“ Process: the main part is from a photograph that my husband took of me, picking out notes on our keyboard I used various effects in Affinity Photo to achieve the blurred, almost other-worldly feel I was after to achieve the image-within-image of the ‘window’ I worked with layers in Adobe Photoshop Elements Inspiration:Continue reading “Art in the time of lockdown #4”

Girl at a Window: lockdown

visions of skyscrapers catching my glarecloud-smothered memories fading in airghost trails of people I once used to greetstaring through glass overlooking the street;walls are my universe, earth, sea, and skysprawling on tufted rug, this is my liewailing of sirens masking each cry;delicate treetops bow with a sighbees, birds, and butterflies swoop and flybuzzing, and chirping,Continue reading “Girl at a Window: lockdown”

Girl at a Window: lockdown

Like many, many others my thoughts have been turning repeatedly to the situation we are all in at the moment, gripped by the global threat that is Covid-19. I have written about it from various angles but now I am beginning to approach it from a purely creative stand. Recently my husband purchased Affinity, aContinue reading “Girl at a Window: lockdown”

Mindsets in a time of crisis: 2

More lowlifes crawling out of the online floorboards I really did hope that further warnings about on-line opportunists would not be necessary. How wrong I was.Since my warning about emails purportedly from people known to you, and others from young ladies who think you are their ‘soul mate’, other kinds of messages have been poppingContinue reading “Mindsets in a time of crisis: 2”