Sometimes it’s better to take a good hard look at where you’re going – and move in a different direction

Last week I came to (yet another) decision. To stop trying – to be what I am not to strive for something I am not sure I really want to persevere toward a goal that I am not sure I can commit to This probably comes across as being very negative. Truth is I’m justContinue reading “Sometimes it’s better to take a good hard look at where you’re going – and move in a different direction”

Eco-friendly post 1: hand made Soap Bags

Two years ago I really didn’t think seriously about being environmentally friendly. I’d started taking my own shopping bags for the regular weekly shop, bought fruit and veg loose rather than pre-bagged, determined to buy no more plastic, and liquid soaps were bought in bulk to be decanted – but that was about it. AContinue reading “Eco-friendly post 1: hand made Soap Bags”

Wonders of nature: tumbling stones

After years of wanting a tumbling drum kit to work rough stones I received one as a gift. It was a basic model of motor unit and two plastic drums that required help from hubby to open and close the drums. Well, they were hard work and needed hot water and dental floss to easeContinue reading “Wonders of nature: tumbling stones”

Changing direction can keep you on track. Seriously.

I’ve shared with you my need to be creative before – not just in my head, but actually designing and creating ‘things’. Jewellery, bags, clothes, curios, anything that engages my head and hands. It can ease me through a shutdown or kick-start me after a meltdown.It can motivate and sustain. As my physical and mentalContinue reading “Changing direction can keep you on track. Seriously.”

Where have I been?

Seven days have passed. Stuff has happened. I haven’t written. I don’t really know why. My last posts were about not feeling well. It turned out I had a viral throat infection. Needed lots of liquids and lots of rest. I was prescribed a throat spray to ease the pain. It worked like a charmContinue reading “Where have I been?”