Happiness: just what is it?

At the beginning of a new year, a new job, a new relationship there will often be an accompanying wish for happiness.Happiness becomes a mantra for fulfilment. For contentment. For success. How did ‘Happiness’ get into our lexicon? The arrival was fairly straightforward; the path to its current meaning was less so. The root ofContinue reading “Happiness: just what is it?”

Winter's on its way with some chilly words

I love words: reading them, writing them, saying them. With Winter less than two weeks away here is my picture image of chilly season words. Their hard sounds fit perfectly with the sharpness of ice, the rawness of bitter winds. Which words do you think encapsulate the cold of Winter? Are there words in otherContinue reading “Winter's on its way with some chilly words”

Woody v tinny. Do you like saying some words more than others?

I love words. Especially rounded, woody words. Words that feel good in the mouth: sonorous, melodious. Basically my ‘woody’ words are softer, with individual sounds formed by the lips (like p, b, d, w) and often including ‘s’ or ‘sh’ – plosives, and sibilants. Harsher ‘tinny’ words tend to be formed by the tongue againstContinue reading “Woody v tinny. Do you like saying some words more than others?”

Inventive or Mean?Different takes on the same behaviour.

A few years ago I found a comprehensive book on crafting and creating, published by Reader’s Digest, in a charity (thrift) shop.The book’s title is ‘Create it Yourself’ and it covers such subjects as kitchen skills, jewellery making, patchwork, gardening, and natural skincare in just over 300 pages. It cost the princely sum of £2.50.What’sContinue reading “Inventive or Mean?Different takes on the same behaviour.”

Commenting on blogs: is it useful to advise on language skills?

Since I began my blog a few months ago I’ve also started to Follow other bloggers. Some are on a constant sales pitch (boring), while others are writing brilliant stuff on interesting and inspiring subjects (exciting). You’ll probably recognise this. So I check out the subject matter and, if it’s something I like the soundContinue reading “Commenting on blogs: is it useful to advise on language skills?”