Reasons to go on: Poems, part 4

Reason to go on: Bloody-mindedness In sickness A pail of depression; A fist of anger; A sweated brow of anxiety; A deep well of despair; A flight of fear; Simmer together for 50 years. Drink the evil broth. The show must go onJust one cut, then another, slice through skin smooth and thin;blade drawing criss-cross, firm and slowbubbling rubies surface and flow; the deed is done your demon’s won; the day is lost – at such a cost –there’ll be another, weep through painanother day with little gain lose the fight cut and scar, cut out the pain, too deep to smother. Rockface The rockface of my mind does not seem kind Cannot be scaled Nor seen to fail Will never wear nor sag nor tear I must be strong and beat the throng I’ll write and draw expose my core explain my mind through word and line with no more speech to you I’ll reach. No TearsI thrust my

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Reasons to go on: Poems, part 3

Reason to go on: Guilt Fragment see how she glimmers thin sliver of light, she smiles out my name answers cries to unite; she winks through the rainbow shares secrets so sweet plays the game to perfection; till we’re ready to meet. she touches my mind caresses my soul kisses my skin: we are ready to roll; she’s teasing my flesh and preparing to maim, she’s ready for union and easing my pain; she enters my body sets life juices free, we’re becoming blood sisters: there’s freedom for me. Note: a poem about the need for and pleasure of self-harm Good Riddancea series of short verses about being ‘just never good enough’ If I should die before I wake – that’s fine by me In my head, in my bed, at my place, in your face, at about now, dirty cow, let’s end it all, shout ‘last call’. Time gen’men, please. Where are you when I need you? SHUT UP!!!

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