Art in a time of lockdown #8

“Aweary in Lockdown” One of my favourite paintings is Millais’s ‘Mariana’, based on the Tennyson poem of the same name, which was in turn inspired by William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure.Recent news articles have featured the increasing health problems, notably backache, from working at home without benefit of ergonomic seating. I wanted to capture theContinue reading “Art in a time of lockdown #8”

Art in the time of lockdown #7

“Listless in Lockdown” Process and back story: The sketches I had made quite some time ago: the man at a ‘life class’ that was part of a course for ‘Primary School Art Co-ordinators’ about 25 years ago, and the woman while in hospital a few years after that.The composition was created from six layers inContinue reading “Art in the time of lockdown #7”

Art in the time of lockdown #5

“The Queue” Process for both images I used photographs I had taken over the past ten years, then worked on them in Adobe Photoshop Elements the speech bubbles are from the standard Shapes Tools Inspiration: Fountain, Marcel Duchamp,original ‘ready-made’ was dated 1917 This particular artwork proved to have such an intriguing back-story that I’ll beContinue reading “Art in the time of lockdown #5”

Art in the time of lockdown #1

There have been so many wonderful images coming out of this time of lockdown. I thought it would be fun to put my own spin on some well-known, and perhaps not so well-known artworks from the past. “me loving me” Inspiration: Howard Hodgkin’s “Lovers” created 1984-9, oil on canvas British artist who spent much timeContinue reading “Art in the time of lockdown #1”

Emergence from Lockdown

Here is my second image manipulation using the program Affinity. Very early days, and a lot of new skills to learn. Enjoyment is the key, and this certainly punches above its weight on that score. Process My starting point was to photograph three life study sketches and two oil pastel studies I’d made at college.Continue reading “Emergence from Lockdown”

Girl at a Window: lockdown

Like many, many others my thoughts have been turning repeatedly to the situation we are all in at the moment, gripped by the global threat that is Covid-19. I have written about it from various angles but now I am beginning to approach it from a purely creative stand. Recently my husband purchased Affinity, aContinue reading “Girl at a Window: lockdown”