Colours of Me: a poem

I have spent much time recently working on jewellery projects. It relaxes me and recharges flagging batteries. My latest design was a rainbow-hued bracelet that features an artist’s palette. I got thinking about myself and the colours that reflect who I am. Unique palette, colours of me, Passions in red – creativity; Deep pool visions,Continue reading “Colours of Me: a poem”

I’ve had a moving experience: check it out

Having decided I had just too many strands to my marilynunmasked blog, I have just launched a secondary site to feature my hand-made creations and my features on eco-friendly issues. I’ve posted my first Valentine Day themed jewellery set, a necklace and earrings set in lilac, rose quartz, and sterling silver. As befits the dayContinue reading “I’ve had a moving experience: check it out”

Shop listing: Autumn bracelets ready for Fall

Today I added four bracelets to my Folksy Shop: three in warm colours with a definite Autumn/Fall theme; the other in black bedecked with silver charms just right for Hallowe’en fright night! Wild Autumn Stag plaited leather bracelet / choker; Wild Autumn deer plaited leather bracelet / choker; Copper crown leather bangle: Things that goContinue reading “Shop listing: Autumn bracelets ready for Fall”

Shop listing: Libra bracelet

Moving towards the end of September and it’s officially Autumn / Fall / Spring depending on where you are in the World.However you name it, Librans are in the ascendant. This month I am posting my Libra bracelet. I’m interested in astrology from the point of view of character being akin to astrological birth signContinue reading “Shop listing: Libra bracelet”

Jewellery to stim by … just added to Maz’s Marketplace

Procrastination? Indecision? Doubt? Like a lot of people, I doubt myself. Doubt that what I’ve done was right; doubt what I’m doing or planning to do. That might come as a surprise to those who know me. I always appear to know what I’m doing, where I’m going. The practical one. The one who getsContinue reading “Jewellery to stim by … just added to Maz’s Marketplace”