My Favourite Writers: who are yours?

I decided I’d like to share some facts about me rather than always writing about my illnesses, or about my hobbies, or giving my opinions.I also decided I needed to get a tad more organised in so far as a schedule for my postings is concerned. One idea I came up with was to haveContinue reading “My Favourite Writers: who are yours?”

Reflecting on Finding My Voice: an update on my book review

Last month I wrote a review on ‘Find Your Voice’ a journal style paperback that aims to get you writing. Each double page has a prompt, sometimes two, and it has amazed me how effective this simple device has proved.I would like to share some of this writing with you. Prompt: Finish this sentence, ‘IfContinue reading “Reflecting on Finding My Voice: an update on my book review”

Inventive or Mean?Different takes on the same behaviour.

A few years ago I found a comprehensive book on crafting and creating, published by Reader’s Digest, in a charity (thrift) shop.The book’s title is ‘Create it Yourself’ and it covers such subjects as kitchen skills, jewellery making, patchwork, gardening, and natural skincare in just over 300 pages. It cost the princely sum of £2.50.What’sContinue reading “Inventive or Mean?Different takes on the same behaviour.”

Book review: spectrum women

spectrum women – Walking to the Beat of Autism Edited by Barb Cook & Dr Michelle Garnett; Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2018 Unless you are able to take in all that a book has to offer just by scanning a few pages, possibly through mental osmosis, then any purchase has to come with a certain degreeContinue reading “Book review: spectrum women”