Trust – is it worth the risk?

“Just let go,” the joker cried, “I’ll catch you.” or maybe not, I thought, my mind in conflict remembering unsaved falls, deceived acquaintances who heard the smooth words and believed. “I’ll give it back.” The small boy whined “Just one go.” but one is never only one – I’d seen when pleasure leads to brokenContinue reading “Trust – is it worth the risk?”

Rock Face: a poem on deflection

Rock Face – the poem vocal assault of bluntnessparry and thrust of the jokervacuous echoes filling spaceavoidance of the interloper Rock Face – the image Today I had an assessment / pre-course meeting for goal setting prior to beginning a DBT skills course for people with autism spectrum disorder.Yesterday I was wound up about it,Continue reading “Rock Face: a poem on deflection”

Washed-up Mind: two poems reflecting on mind separation

Washed-up 1 That washed-up image of a girl I see, I knew her once, or was it she knew me? She touches her cheek as I touch mine, mouths the words I speak; takes a while to recognise now gazing back through unmoving eyes proving my mind’s winding away as lathered foam in deluged poolsContinue reading “Washed-up Mind: two poems reflecting on mind separation”