Earth Day 2020

A Woodland Walk, in Spring Sounds of children greeted us, held back behind iron gates laughter carousing on the air, taunting, haunting. And I was back at school. And then the wood, suddenly cool opening up, spaciously, before us; stepping into silence into the perfect greens of leaves and the paling of blue bells, onceContinue reading “Earth Day 2020”

Winding down on Sunday Evening

Many of you will know by now that I see things – fun things a lot of the time – in everyday objects.This evening I’d like to introduce you to a couple more. This little fella turned up on our window after a particularly windy day. And here’s our proud peacock who lives up onContinue reading “Winding down on Sunday Evening”

Snowdrops springing up

The magic of nature We’ve had morning frosts that have crackled the grass underfoot.Howling winds that have blown branches from trees.Rain and sleet that have lashed at windows. Underground, and totally unaware of the mayhem above, delicate snowdrops plan their escape.Unaware that their fragility is no match for the ice-hard earth, they emerge.Unaware that bitterContinue reading “Snowdrops springing up”