Winter silence: that would be so welcome

At this very busy time of year the difficulties that people with sensory problems have escalate beyond understanding. On every Asperger / Autism / Aspie Facebook group I belong to individuals are voicing the problems they experience at this time of Celebration. This is not a flash in the pan problem, nor a Noel Niggle,Continue reading “Winter silence: that would be so welcome”

Into the darkness early: just a clock change, or a deeper social problem?

The clocks have been reset to a timewarp that ushers out the daylight at 5 p.m. When I would normally still be in thinking mode the darkness outside the window is telling my brain to slow down and to relax into the comfort of the evening: to swap the paperwork for a good book, toContinue reading “Into the darkness early: just a clock change, or a deeper social problem?”

Reflecting on Finding My Voice: an update on my book review

Last month I wrote a review on ‘Find Your Voice’ a journal style paperback that aims to get you writing. Each double page has a prompt, sometimes two, and it has amazed me how effective this simple device has proved.I would like to share some of this writing with you. Prompt: Finish this sentence, ‘IfContinue reading “Reflecting on Finding My Voice: an update on my book review”

Spectrum Future: a poem about diversity

I treated myself to a Guided Poetry Journal that purports to guide you towards finding – rediscovering – your poetic voice. I had expected to go straight in to creating poetry but it took the route through free writing prose and making word and image collages. Despite this seemingly roundabout way it has already ledContinue reading “Spectrum Future: a poem about diversity”

Do you see yourself as a Bottom-up Thinker?

Many people on the Autism Spectrum are bottom-up thinkers. It’s part of what makes us so different in the way we approach problems, make decisions, assimilate our world. Spoiler Alert! Bottom-up Thinking does not mean you’re autistic. That’s a chicken-and-egg situation where being an egg does not make you a chicken. How does bottom-up thinkingContinue reading “Do you see yourself as a Bottom-up Thinker?”

Cacophony: my life with noise

Cacophony explores my life within noise. Unasked for, unexplained, unwanted noise. My days when I venture into the world are bombarded with noise. At home I can largely avoid the unexpected, and enjoy a certain level of control. But there are times even at home when stress levels escalate to a point where my brainContinue reading “Cacophony: my life with noise”