Cacophony: my life with noise

Cacophony explores my life within noise. Unasked for, unexplained, unwanted noise. My days when I venture into the world are bombarded with noise. At home I can largely avoid the unexpected, and enjoy a certain level of control. But there are times even at home when stress levels escalate to a point where my brainContinue reading “Cacophony: my life with noise”

Other People: a poem about social overload

I can’t be with others in a noise-gang which smothers; their shouting and rage would fill up this page with cursing and ranting with wheezing and panting with foul-mouthed bluster; a brain-dead cluster of anger and sport – no words of comfort. Don’t mind them alone, on the end of a phone, if they useContinue reading “Other People: a poem about social overload”

Getting ear defenders: shutting out noise could help open up my world

Better day today. Even coped with the dental assistant who appeared to be able to create excessive noise from even the simplest of tasks. No bin, no drawer escaped being banged as it was closed. But I made it out with a clean bill of health. I’ve ordered ear defenders as the noise cancelling headphonesContinue reading “Getting ear defenders: shutting out noise could help open up my world”