From me to you

Following on from my previous post today I would like to share more thoughts with you. And the way I like to express how I feel is often through verse. So here goes, from my heart and head to yours. But healing faster than my mind, even in its prime. Perhaps our head knows justContinue reading “From me to you”

Reconnect: a poem about self-harm

I’m so pissed off that nothing’s right I’m tired – and weary – I’ve no more fight. I’ll use a blade or a cigarette – Anything to let me RECONNECT. I’ll hurt no-one I’m no-one’s threat; Only I feel the pain and pay my own debt. Why are YOU angry? Why are YOU sad? It’sContinue reading “Reconnect: a poem about self-harm”

On being unique

For decades I’ve wanted to fit in. But, despite the numerous masks I carefully constructed, I never did. At school I was either near the top of the class – or at the bottom. My schoolbooks show pages and pages of carefully researched and presented work alongside blank pages and incomplete work because I justContinue reading “On being unique”

My journey towards taking off the masks

It has been such a long journey just to get here. I believe I’m worth it. I know I could have set up my blog site within a time-frame much closer to that which was suggested – but it’s actually taken two days to be ready to write my first post. Why? Basically, because I’mContinue reading “My journey towards taking off the masks”