Nature’s fading bounty

In all of nature’s bounty I think the flower whose fading transcends its inherent beauty is the tulip. As the petals open there comes a quiet revelation of its exquisite inner soul. Perhaps of all the tulips the pure white is the most perfect.Delicate. Elegant. Stunning. Do you have a favourite Spring flower? Or aContinue reading “Nature’s fading bounty”

International Women’s Day: reflections

Been busy lately. Between attempting to do some homework, getting back into creating an image with Powertex medium, and chasing an extremely persistent ewe out of our garden there‚Äôs been precious little time for writing.To redress this importune imbalance, I had planned for this post to dip into the pleasures and the pains of theContinue reading “International Women’s Day: reflections”

Awareness Weeks: share the love

In these ultra-busy times there seem to be an increasing number of Awareness Days / Weeks / Months. I totally agree with reminding people to spare a thought for others; my trouble is, it is so difficult to keep track. So I’ve decided to dedicate this post to a general awareness and encourage everyone toContinue reading “Awareness Weeks: share the love”

A bit of light relief …

I am still struggling over the DBT skills course. I’ve spent so many hours researching different aspects of the therapy, the doctor who came up with the idea, and about borderline personality disorder and autism. And still very little makes much sense. My biggest problem, apart from believing that DBT is controversial as a treatmentContinue reading “A bit of light relief …”

After Storm Dennis come the daffodils

Our daffodils were ready to emerge into a brave new world only to be confronted by storm Ciara, followed closely by Dennis.They decided they were fed up waiting and came out anyway. A few lost their heads, but most are fit and well and basking in today’s sunshine. While photographing the daffodils a couple ofContinue reading “After Storm Dennis come the daffodils”

Uncertain Industry: a view

I love photography and I love capturing images of industry. Then turning them on their head. Icons of industry and mechanisation are as beautiful and fascinating as the landscape they are in, but for me it is the blending that holds more interest.Whenever we visit Rugby I look forward to the moment when the cementContinue reading “Uncertain Industry: a view”