Snowdrops springing up

The magic of nature We’ve had morning frosts that have crackled the grass underfoot.Howling winds that have blown branches from trees.Rain and sleet that have lashed at windows. Underground, and totally unaware of the mayhem above, delicate snowdrops plan their escape.Unaware that their fragility is no match for the ice-hard earth, they emerge.Unaware that bitterContinue reading “Snowdrops springing up”

Surreal Sunday: more veggie fun

With all the ‘less-than-great’ news doing the rounds I thought I’d inject some sun into Funday Night. As in my previous ‘fun veggie faces’ post, both these images are of actual vegetables that have found their way to my chopping board. These guys are rather special. I prepare lots of veg every day and inContinue reading “Surreal Sunday: more veggie fun”

Australia: two-sided coin or multi-faceted gem?

At the moment Australia is headlining in our news, and not for any ‘feel good’ reasons. Vast swathes of the country are being devastated by bush fires. Homes have been destroyed; natural habitats are being wiped out. People have died. Yet what do we know of this country, set alone in an azure Southern sea?Continue reading “Australia: two-sided coin or multi-faceted gem?”

Winter woodland walks: trees in the snow

Walking in the local woods in Winter can be magical. Sometimes cold. But always magical. These photographs were taken in our (then) local woods.We always looked forward to the trill of crunching through the fresh snow, being the first to make our marks, and checking out the patterns on the trunks and branches that theContinue reading “Winter woodland walks: trees in the snow”

Conwy Castle, but not as you know it. More surreal images.

A visit to Conwy Castle afforded a great opportunity to capture photographic images that I thought I could blend to create a surreal montage. Sometimes when I have this kind of project in mind I will start from a broad outline of intent; other times it’s a complete free flow of ideas. On this occasionContinue reading “Conwy Castle, but not as you know it. More surreal images.”