Girl at a Window: lockdown

visions of skyscrapers catching my glarecloud-smothered memories fading in airghost trails of people I once used to greetstaring through glass overlooking the street;walls are my universe, earth, sea, and skysprawling on tufted rug, this is my liewailing of sirens masking each cry;delicate treetops bow with a sighbees, birds, and butterflies swoop and flybuzzing, and chirping,Continue reading “Girl at a Window: lockdown”

Ready for Valentine Day

St Valentine was a martyr, dying a martyr’s death. Other than that, the facts of the person (there’s also the possibility that the saint was a woman) are open to conjecture. there were lots of people named Valentine because, well, it was a very popular name for around six hundred years as ‘“Valentinus” signified beingContinue reading “Ready for Valentine Day”

Rock Face: a poem on deflection

Rock Face – the poem vocal assault of bluntnessparry and thrust of the jokervacuous echoes filling spaceavoidance of the interloper Rock Face – the image Today I had an assessment / pre-course meeting for goal setting prior to beginning a DBT skills course for people with autism spectrum disorder.Yesterday I was wound up about it,Continue reading “Rock Face: a poem on deflection”