Winter's Sleep: a poem on grief

Winter’s Sleep About her fragile frame she wears her grief,a comforter of silent memoriesthat bind her to the past, the golden dayswhen love sang out from youthful beating heartsand she would vow from dusk to dewy dawnthe passion of her love eternally. But now that love – her love through time – has goneand allContinue reading “Winter's Sleep: a poem on grief”

Winter Comes: a poem on the Silvered Season

Winter comes, sharp-faced and bony-fingeredclawing an icy cover across a landbarren in hibernation; while we tight-lipped, close-buttonedhatted, scarved, and glovedspeak muffled mistsmingling silvered breath with the thickening air, while we pick our way on treacherous pathsor stride out, slicing the frosty silence,when the low slung sun blinds south bound driversand passengers turn their faces intoContinue reading “Winter Comes: a poem on the Silvered Season”

Problem with posting verse – any ideas?

Yesterday I posted a Christmas Wishes poem. All appeared to go smoothly. Today I found that although on my ‘writing’ screen it was all as I wrote it, to the reader it was like a ticker-tape banner. What was that about? I’ve now deleted the first attempt and re-posted by copying and pasting each verseContinue reading “Problem with posting verse – any ideas?”

20/20 Vision: Christmas Wishes 2019

As another year draws to a closewe dress up our houses with baubles and bows;send greetings for peace through the motorised mailon cards that keep shedding a glittery trail;buy trees cut to size so they’ll fit in a bowlthen wreath them in plastics to give them back soul. Meanwhile in schools from sea to seaallContinue reading “20/20 Vision: Christmas Wishes 2019”

Uluru revisited: a poem on the iconic rock.

Mysterious it lies, foreboding perhaps, a monstrous creature nestled on flat desert plain; deep burnt-earth orange, now red, vermillion, purple after rain.   Walking closer, a snake, a face appears weathered in the millennia mound; caves and tree-edged crevices beckon offering shade from the scorching heat; forms stare from beneath smooth overhangs telling hypnotic dreamtimes;Continue reading “Uluru revisited: a poem on the iconic rock.”

Reflecting on Finding My Voice: an update on my book review

Last month I wrote a review on ‘Find Your Voice’ a journal style paperback that aims to get you writing. Each double page has a prompt, sometimes two, and it has amazed me how effective this simple device has proved.I would like to share some of this writing with you. Prompt: Finish this sentence, ‘IfContinue reading “Reflecting on Finding My Voice: an update on my book review”