Reasons to go on: Poems, part 5

Reason to go on: Survival Reaching out Reaching out into the darkness I catch at emptiness. Feelings cannot penetrate the armour plating of my thoughts. SecretsShh! Don’t breathe a word – not a syllable to a soul, share my secret, take my burden as your own.Shh! Listen to me – not a word to passContinue reading “Reasons to go on: Poems, part 5”

Reasons to go on: Poems, part 4

Reason to go on: Bloody-mindedness In sickness A pail of depression; A fist of anger; A sweated brow of anxiety; A deep well of despair; A flight of fear; Simmer together for 50 years. Drink the evil broth. The show must go onJust one cut, then another, slice through skin smooth and thin;blade drawing criss-cross,Continue reading “Reasons to go on: Poems, part 4”

Reasons to go on: Poems, part 3

Reason to go on: Guilt Fragment see how she glimmers thin sliver of light, she smiles out my name answers cries to unite; she winks through the rainbow shares secrets so sweet plays the game to perfection; till we’re ready to meet. she touches my mind caresses my soul kisses my skin: we are readyContinue reading “Reasons to go on: Poems, part 3”

Reasons to go on: Poems, part 2

Reason to go on: External Pressures Conformist I do not look as you look: burn out my eyes, make them mirrors. I do not feel as you feel: unpeel my skin; cement with stones. I do not think as you think: pluck out my mind; integrate with circuits. Mirrors, stones, and circuits feel no pain.Continue reading “Reasons to go on: Poems, part 2”

Self-harm: additional thoughts

I wanted to emphasise that my poems are just that – a succinct way of expressing profound thoughts and feelings in a moment in time. I’ve received a lovely, personal, and caring response to my poem Reconnect that made me think about how others may have read it. Here is my explanation of my thoughtsContinue reading “Self-harm: additional thoughts”

Reconnect: a poem about self-harm

I’m so pissed off that nothing’s right I’m tired – and weary – I’ve no more fight. I’ll use a blade or a cigarette – Anything to let me RECONNECT. I’ll hurt no-one I’m no-one’s threat; Only I feel the pain and pay my own debt. Why are YOU angry? Why are YOU sad? It’sContinue reading “Reconnect: a poem about self-harm”