Art in a time of lockdown #8

“Aweary in Lockdown” One of my favourite paintings is Millais’s ‘Mariana’, based on the Tennyson poem of the same name, which was in turn inspired by William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure.Recent news articles have featured the increasing health problems, notably backache, from working at home without benefit of ergonomic seating. I wanted to capture theContinue reading “Art in a time of lockdown #8”

Art in the time of lockdown #3

“The Dog Walkers” Process: image entirely manipulated in Adobe Photoshop Elements I chose four images: one of garden for background, and three of me working in our garden used ‘Clone Tool’, ‘Smudge Tool’, ‘Shapes Tool’, and ‘Paint Brush Tool’ to draw, add colour, and blend ‘Grass’ and ‘Dune Grass’ in the ‘Brush Tool’ created foregroundContinue reading “Art in the time of lockdown #3”

Girl at a Window: lockdown

visions of skyscrapers catching my glarecloud-smothered memories fading in airghost trails of people I once used to greetstaring through glass overlooking the street;walls are my universe, earth, sea, and skysprawling on tufted rug, this is my liewailing of sirens masking each cry;delicate treetops bow with a sighbees, birds, and butterflies swoop and flybuzzing, and chirping,Continue reading “Girl at a Window: lockdown”

Girl at a Window: lockdown

Like many, many others my thoughts have been turning repeatedly to the situation we are all in at the moment, gripped by the global threat that is Covid-19. I have written about it from various angles but now I am beginning to approach it from a purely creative stand. Recently my husband purchased Affinity, aContinue reading “Girl at a Window: lockdown”

Mindsets in a time of crisis: 2

More lowlifes crawling out of the online floorboards I really did hope that further warnings about on-line opportunists would not be necessary. How wrong I was.Since my warning about emails purportedly from people known to you, and others from young ladies who think you are their ‘soul mate’, other kinds of messages have been poppingContinue reading “Mindsets in a time of crisis: 2”

Mindfulness in a time of crisis: 1

Last Wednesday, 7th April, my husband told me to look out of our Velux window as the moon was pretty spectacular.Thankfully he even took a few photographs.Next day this lunar phenomenon, known as a ‘pink moon’ was in all the papers. We hadn’t read about it so were really fortunate to catch it. The skyContinue reading “Mindfulness in a time of crisis: 1”