DBT skills course: continuing saga

For the uninitiated DBT stands for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. It was devised back in the 1990s specifically for the treatment of individuals diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Even more specifically, it was aimed at young women who were considered impervious to other forms of treatment. The difficult ones. The ones only hardened professionals did notContinue reading “DBT skills course: continuing saga”

Cacophony: my life with noise

Cacophony explores my life within noise. Unasked for, unexplained, unwanted noise. My days when I venture into the world are bombarded with noise. At home I can largely avoid the unexpected, and enjoy a certain level of control. But there are times even at home when stress levels escalate to a point where my brainContinue reading “Cacophony: my life with noise”

Dissociation: going to a place that’s sometimes scary, always safe

Two days ago I experienced a distancing between brain and body. I knew I was dissociating. What was happening? Why was it happening? How did it feel? I’ve certainly experienced similar situations before. But why this time? What had caused it? social / sensory overload; being out and about in different situations I describe thisContinue reading “Dissociation: going to a place that’s sometimes scary, always safe”

Experiencing Social Overload? Here’s some ideas on what can cause it and what can help.

What can bring it on? We have a lovely friend visiting for a few days. He’s a very quiet, gentle, understanding gent. A perfect guest. And we want to show him the delights of where we live as he’s never been here before. Absolutely no problem for my husband who’s 95% neuro-typical. But I’m wayContinue reading “Experiencing Social Overload? Here’s some ideas on what can cause it and what can help.”