Social Overload – Shutdown – but the end does come. Eventually.

I’ve just come to after a deep, impenetrable sleep. Almost three hours of shutdown as my head recharged itself. Previous to that had been three hours of cold that nipped at my core, of weariness that sapped my lifeblood, of numbness than silenced me. What goes on in my head at these times? Just asContinue reading “Social Overload – Shutdown – but the end does come. Eventually.”

After the Visit: my poem about Social Overload

Note about the poem: • it was written when I was an in-patient on an Acute Ward at the local Mental Hospital; I can’t recall now whether it was written after an actual visit – I suspect it was – nor who had visited • the dichotomy I had – always have – is thatContinue reading “After the Visit: my poem about Social Overload”

When the struggle is brushing unbearable, part 2

Reason to go on: External Pressures Urged by family and school I applied for a place at Uni and even my psychiatrist thought university would ‘do me good’. One day I was on a hospital ward in Essex, the next I was being driven to the digs in Glasgow someone had arranged for me.Two moreContinue reading “When the struggle is brushing unbearable, part 2”

Other People: a poem about social overload

I can’t be with others in a noise-gang which smothers; their shouting and rage would fill up this page with cursing and ranting with wheezing and panting with foul-mouthed bluster; a brain-dead cluster of anger and sport – no words of comfort. Don’t mind them alone, on the end of a phone, if they useContinue reading “Other People: a poem about social overload”

Surviving a Literary Festival

I have been very quiet for a week now. For the last three years I have come to the Hay Literary and Arts Festival and it is always a roller-coaster week. The difference this year is that I know why. The reasons are the usual suspects: noise overload, people overload, changing routine, uncertainty over whatContinue reading “Surviving a Literary Festival”

Experiencing Social Overload? Here’s some ideas on what can cause it and what can help.

What can bring it on? We have a lovely friend visiting for a few days. He’s a very quiet, gentle, understanding gent. A perfect guest. And we want to show him the delights of where we live as he’s never been here before. Absolutely no problem for my husband who’s 95% neuro-typical. But I’m wayContinue reading “Experiencing Social Overload? Here’s some ideas on what can cause it and what can help.”