Christmas Diary: Day 10

3 January Really stumped today when ten drummers rocked up. Have contacted brass bands in neighbouring villages and they’re eager to hold auditions. Accommodation is the real problem. What is Rob thinking? That I live in a Tardis? He has reality issues.Mum knows everyone in the village. Some may be willing to put up aContinue reading “Christmas Diary: Day 10”

Christmas Diary: Day 9

2 January Partridge in hiding. Lovebirds oblivious to mayhem below. Mum’s friend mentioned geese at local fayre and I’ve buyer for eggs. What a treasure. Wonder if anyone would appreciate organic milk? Organising maids’ rota – nine pipers turn up! Musically not everyone’s taste.There’s a local Scottish association who’ll know someone needing pipers – especiallyContinue reading “Christmas Diary: Day 9”

Christmas Diary: day 8

New Year’s Day Rob’s delighted with my enterprise. Wants wedding within month! Mum’s friend collected hens yesterday. Really nice.Quiet before storm! Tad hung-over after New Year partying. Disturbed by early ring on doorbell.Sight of eight young ladies – each leading cumbersome dairy cow woke me with a start! Soon into business mode. Figured don’t needContinue reading “Christmas Diary: day 8”