Surreal Sunday: more veggie fun

With all the ‘less-than-great’ news doing the rounds I thought I’d inject some sun into Funday Night. As in my previous ‘fun veggie faces’ post, both these images are of actual vegetables that have found their way to my chopping board. These guys are rather special. I prepare lots of veg every day and inContinue reading “Surreal Sunday: more veggie fun”

Conwy Castle, but not as you know it. More surreal images.

A visit to Conwy Castle afforded a great opportunity to capture photographic images that I thought I could blend to create a surreal montage. Sometimes when I have this kind of project in mind I will start from a broad outline of intent; other times it’s a complete free flow of ideas. On this occasionContinue reading “Conwy Castle, but not as you know it. More surreal images.”

Do you see faces in everyday objects? You’re not the only one.

Perhaps I’m not meant to plan. This one, where I thought I’d post something each day, certainly isn’t working, but then … I’m enjoying other stuff so I guess that’s good. I decided to put out some fun things I do based on the fact that I see faces, and images of people, everywhere IContinue reading “Do you see faces in everyday objects? You’re not the only one.”

Abstract Life: surreal situations

Fifteen years ago I was stumbling around in a particularly dark place: my mind.I was referred to the mental health charity ‘Rethink’ by one of my care team. I went along but found I was unable to interact in any way with the support staff there. Tim had been assigned to act as my KeyContinue reading “Abstract Life: surreal situations”

Rust Reclaimed: surreal photographic images

‘Nature reclaims what man neglects.’ One of my pleasures is photography. One of my passions is manipulating the images I take into statements about how I see the world. When I create composite images I try to only use those photographs I took at that location. Nothing – not the sky, the plants, the infrastructureContinue reading “Rust Reclaimed: surreal photographic images”