Snowdrops springing up

The magic of nature We’ve had morning frosts that have crackled the grass underfoot.Howling winds that have blown branches from trees.Rain and sleet that have lashed at windows. Underground, and totally unaware of the mayhem above, delicate snowdrops plan their escape.Unaware that their fragility is no match for the ice-hard earth, they emerge.Unaware that bitterContinue reading “Snowdrops springing up”

Winter silence: that would be so welcome

At this very busy time of year the difficulties that people with sensory problems have escalate beyond understanding. On every Asperger / Autism / Aspie Facebook group I belong to individuals are voicing the problems they experience at this time of Celebration. This is not a flash in the pan problem, nor a Noel Niggle,Continue reading “Winter silence: that would be so welcome”

Thank you for getting me through!

It seemed an age ago that I was struggling to get things done. Actually I couldn’t even get my head into gear enough to think about doing anything. Now I’m back and feeling so positive it’s scary. With the help of my readers who ‘Liked’ and ‘Commented on’ my recent blogs, a light was shoneContinue reading “Thank you for getting me through!”

Where have I been?

Seven days have passed. Stuff has happened. I haven’t written. I don’t really know why. My last posts were about not feeling well. It turned out I had a viral throat infection. Needed lots of liquids and lots of rest. I was prescribed a throat spray to ease the pain. It worked like a charmContinue reading “Where have I been?”

From me to you

Following on from my previous post today I would like to share more thoughts with you. And the way I like to express how I feel is often through verse. So here goes, from my heart and head to yours. But healing faster than my mind, even in its prime. Perhaps our head knows justContinue reading “From me to you”

Today’s not getting any better…

but at least I know things will improve. Soon. Many people don’t have that luxury. I am humbled by that knowledge. My problem? I’ve been feeling unwell for a few days. Physical stuff. Until I can get to see the Surgery Practice Nurse I won’t know if it’s tonsillitis or not. In the meantime I’mContinue reading “Today’s not getting any better…”