In Transit: a love poem

Alone this night airport near deserted, waiting, waiting the announcement to board. Bored? No. Mind still working. The tannoy pings – paging Awatarna – unknown name in an unknown voice underlines I am a foreigner here. Transitory hours killed in unknown shops with reassuring names; but I am misplaced, in transit between worlds that shapeContinue reading “In Transit: a love poem”

Bringing in the romance

Just to set the tone for Valentine Day here are a few books and films that I have loved over the years. For those who love nothing more than to snuggle up with a great story: The Great Gatsby, F Scott Fitzgerald: obsessive, and unrequited, love Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte: love through trauma, toward eventualContinue reading “Bringing in the romance”

Ready for Valentine Day

St Valentine was a martyr, dying a martyr’s death. Other than that, the facts of the person (there’s also the possibility that the saint was a woman) are open to conjecture. there were lots of people named Valentine because, well, it was a very popular name for around six hundred years as ‘“Valentinus” signified beingContinue reading “Ready for Valentine Day”

I’ve had a moving experience: check it out

Having decided I had just too many strands to my marilynunmasked blog, I have just launched a secondary site to feature my hand-made creations and my features on eco-friendly issues. I’ve posted my first Valentine Day themed jewellery set, a necklace and earrings set in lilac, rose quartz, and sterling silver. As befits the dayContinue reading “I’ve had a moving experience: check it out”