Travelling Therapy

People travel for many different reasons.

  • to explore the road less travelled
  • take a personal pilgrimage
  • visit friends and family
  • check out whether the grass is greener
  • to escape

This list is in no way exhaustive and it isn’t meant to be, more a personal brainstorm to identify some of my own reasons.

Travelling for me hasn’t always been pleasurable, in fact there have been times when I did not want to budge from home. I’m not talking long-haul flights here, but short family holidays or even weekend breaks.
The downsides seemed to massively outweigh the positives.

In this section I’ll share places I’ve visited. Some journeys tinged with sadness, others taken in a spirit of adventure, curiosity, searching, or fun.

I’ll share my photographs and artwork, alongside my thoughts and feelings as I explored new locations or reacquainted myself with places I loved.

I hope you enjoy my personal travel journal. X

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