Words for me are more than a vehicle of communication. Words make you an explorer of emotion, a trawler of knowledge, a joker, a sage, a complete work.

Words have power beyond marks on a page.
“That look spoke volumes.”
“A picture speaks a thousand words.”

But words are things, and a small drop of ink,

Falling like dew, upon a thought, produces

That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.”

– George Gordon, Lord Byron

Over the decades I have written verse when it was impossible to express my emotions. For me it is a completely therapeutic mode.


I enjoy creative writing, and non-fiction. I have kept journals over the years, and tried my hand at short stories.


Playing with language can be a great pastime; exploring sounds and meanings, and teasing out what’s behind the commonplace.

Hail Spring!

What a day this has been; the weather we’ve seen.Clear sky, sun’s heat; hail, snow, then sleet. I waited for the sun to return before venturing forth, camera in hand. The size of the hailstones needed recording. It was a lovely sight, but so cold and very wet underfoot. It may look like a blanket…

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Spring Snow!

Just a glimpse of early Spring 2021 Some of the sights after an unexpected fall of snow in early April.It was indeed magical to me – but from the cries of the ewes and lambs that morning, they weren’t quite so impressed. Hope you are all well, and able to keep positive.Marilyn, X

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#12 – Elemental

It is the final challenge setand every aspect must be met.A very fitting grand finale,suggested by ‘Hop Skip Jump’ MarieWhich theme to take? What’ll be my muse?Perhaps for fun all four I’ll choose.Earth or Fire, Water or Air?Watery elements I declaredo draw me most:pool, stream, or coast. Water Wild and Wonderful Awesome and Affirming Tempestuous…

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