Words for me are more than a vehicle of communication. Words make you an explorer of emotion, a trawler of knowledge, a joker, a sage, a complete work.

Words have power beyond marks on a page.
“That look spoke volumes.”
“A picture speaks a thousand words.”

But words are things, and a small drop of ink,

Falling like dew, upon a thought, produces

That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.”

– George Gordon, Lord Byron

Over the decades I have written verse when it was impossible to express my emotions. For me it is a completely therapeutic mode.


I enjoy creative writing, and non-fiction. I have kept journals over the years, and tried my hand at short stories.


Playing with language can be a great pastime; exploring sounds and meanings, and teasing out what’s behind the commonplace.

Challenge Your Camera #8

Sport I won’t say I’m the least sporty person I know, but I’m come pretty close. Poor balance, problems with proprioception – basically that means I don’t ‘know’ where my body is in spatial terms, and hyper-mobility means team games are out.As for watching sport? Looking back, I’ve watched some ‘major’ events over the past…

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Week Two: Setting off

This is the end of the second week of my new Open University studies. It has been fulfilling and enlightening. As all useful education should be. The Ups Spent some time wandering through the OU Library Service, made a few notes, then carried on with other things. Yesterday I did a general (Google) search on…

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Challenge your Camera #7

Bridges To state that since humans were confronted by bodies of water there have been bridges is just a tad presumptuous. The animal world has been in the construction game for millennia, and in darker recesses there are probably plants, organisms and microbes doing exactly the same.From basic log structures, now rotted into the very…

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Journey Interrupted; Now Resumed

Return to Study: The Ups, Downs, and SidewaysWeek One, Starting Out The Ups The door has been unlocked, I’ve been readmitted, and it’s great to be back, researching a topic of my own choosing while nestled in the arms of the OU’s tried-and-tested higher education system: Challenged. Reassured. Supported autonomy.The OU Online Library service has…

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