Words for me are more than a vehicle of communication. Words make you an explorer of emotion, a trawler of knowledge, a joker, a sage, a complete work.

Words have power beyond marks on a page.
“That look spoke volumes.”
“A picture speaks a thousand words.”

But words are things, and a small drop of ink,

Falling like dew, upon a thought, produces

That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.”

– George Gordon, Lord Byron

Over the decades I have written verse when it was impossible to express my emotions. For me it is a completely therapeutic mode.


I enjoy creative writing, and non-fiction. I have kept journals over the years, and tried my hand at short stories.


Playing with language can be a great pastime; exploring sounds and meanings, and teasing out what’s behind the commonplace.


Your snores fix the rhythm of my breathing Your breath beats the music of my heart Your heart sets the compass of my loving Your love makes me whole, my counterpart.

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Space Race Waste

At last. I am now able to say out loud what I’ve been banging on about (in private) for decades. All thanks to Prince William. This Earth of ours has so much more potential to inspire us with its grandeur, awe, beauty, serenity, bounty than space can give us. More than this – space will…

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For Autumn colour I think Virginia Creeper is hard to beat. The vibrant palette is all in one place, it is long-lasting, and appears to know instinctively where to grow for optimum effect. It was planted on the North side of the garage and is very content, spreading its roots and its runners so that…

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Countdown: 20 days to go

In the main year of lockdown I was pretty vocal on my blog: reflections, rants, thoughts on health issues, and some art history for good measure. To the mix I added photographs, surreal images, and personal takes on classic art works. Last year all went quiet in this corner of North West Wales. My time…

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