Quarantine: a word hitting the headlines at the moment

Quarantine is not a word that we want to hear as it usually denotes a situation that is, albeit temporary, a medical emergency with an uncertain future. Widespread diseases that have given rise to decisions that quarantine is the only option have occurred throughout history. It is generally recognised as a given period of time whenContinue reading “Quarantine: a word hitting the headlines at the moment”

Hampton Court: image of turbulence

Hampton Court Palace: a statement of power, a symbol of intrigue and downfall. It is one of my favourite places – not just for the building, although it is magnificent; not just for the history, although it spans centuries; not just for the beauty of the interiors and artworks, although a lifetime would not beContinue reading “Hampton Court: image of turbulence”

Sussex Saga: a passive protest

Well the news is in and I can only respond with a Passive Protest. The Queen’s statement following the ‘Sandringham Summit’ appears to be offering everything the Sussexes want. Let me re-phrase that, everything Ms Markle wants. Now I cannot fathom which of two reasons would have led the Royal Family (vis The Queen, PrinceContinue reading “Sussex Saga: a passive protest”

Harry and Meghan: polarising a nation

Harry and Meghan hit the headlines again and once more it wasn’t for the ‘right’ reasons. This time they are polarising opinion, and not just in Britain. Back in July I wrote about Meghan and at that time I was sympathetic to her plight. I posed the question “Are her friends doing her a disservice?”.Continue reading “Harry and Meghan: polarising a nation”

Large classes. Whatever next?

Big News Story this week. 63 pupils in one class. Shock, horror! That’s 63 pupils aged 11 -12 years. That’s 63 pupils each with their own laptop, smart tablet, and an uninterrupted sight of their class teacher. Rephrase that – their two class teachers and two class teaching assistants. Received wisdom dictates that the perfectContinue reading “Large classes. Whatever next?”