Australia: two-sided coin or multi-faceted gem?

At the moment Australia is headlining in our news, and not for any ‘feel good’ reasons. Vast swathes of the country are being devastated by bush fires. Homes have been destroyed; natural habitats are being wiped out. People have died.

Yet what do we know of this country, set alone in an azure Southern sea? Can we really comprehend its size? The diversity of its landscape, the life experiences of its people?

I guess for many people Australia is a land of two extremes:
golden sands, beach-side properties, barbecues and relaxed outdoor lifestyles; then there’s the barren scrub, strange geographical features, the tough-living people of the outback.
Oh, and pretty amazing but strange wildlife.

These snapshot images come from soaps like Home and Away and Neighbours, movies like Crocodile Dundee. And ‘Fosters’ adverts.

But what is the real Australia? It is much of what is imagined.
And so much more.

I have been very fortunate in that I’ve visited many times, and lived there. I went to school in and around Sydney, know the Blue Mountains area, and visited Adelaide many times to see family and friends. It is an amazing place and for me few superlatives can give it justice.

Here I would like to share Australia’s unique beauty as I have recorded it over the past two decades.

These are only glimpses of its wonder and diversity.
And now it is burning and even from the other side of the world my heart breaks for the people and the land.

I hope you have enjoyed my photographs.
I hope more that you see what may be lost in the present devastation.
I won’t get political – get bogged down with arguments about global warming, climate change, call it what you will.
Something is happening, and needs to be addressed.
I hope we can find answers soon.

I have read that there is fundraising to help the people who have lost everything. If you would like to help, please check it out. I do not have any links to give as I don’t want to presume anyone’s personal circumstances.

Thank you for reading my post. Please share your thoughts in the Reply section below.