Art in the time of lockdown #12

I follow a great travel site: Hops and Skips and Jumps by a lady traveller from Ireland. She has been posting Saturday Sculptures and inviting fellow bloggers to share their images.

Way back in 2003 I was visiting Aldeburgh in Suffolk with my husband and we were fortunate in coming face-to-face with the iconic Henry Moore sculpture ‘Reclining Figure’:

Within the following two years the figure had been moved to the Henry Moore Foundation in Hertfordshire from where all two tonne of bronze was stolen and, so the theory goes, melted down and sold. This notion has been questioned with many believing that the huge bronze figure was stolen to order and sold for a whole lot more than its scrap value.

Whatever happened to the sculpture, and for whatever reason, it was an absolute privilege to have seen it. Solid and formidable, and unmistakably a feminine powerhouse. I hope whoever stole it from society realises the real tragedy of their action. Culture and beauty are not natural bedfellows with finance and influence.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this iconic masterpiece. If so, please like, share, and comment.
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Stay well. Stay safe. Stay apart.