Hail Spring!

What a day this has been; the weather we’ve seen.
Clear sky, sun’s heat; hail, snow, then sleet.

I waited for the sun to return before venturing forth, camera in hand. The size of the hailstones needed recording.

The birds were not too impressed with the new addition to their feeding platform.
The lavender was happy last week. Today it took a battering.
These little hardies were in their element.
Do your worst!
Perennial primulas and foxgloves – they’ve seen it all before.
Another perennial. Life goes on.

It was a lovely sight, but so cold and very wet underfoot. It may look like a blanket of white, but walking on hail is very different from stepping on snow.

Perhaps you’ve had a weather wonderland today. I hope you were able to enjoy it from indoors.
Take care.
Marilyn, X