From me to you

Following on from my previous post today I would like to share more thoughts with you. And the way I like to express how I feel is often through verse. So here goes, from my heart and head to yours.

My body’s feeling better, not completely – give it time

But healing faster than my mind, even in its prime.

Perhaps our head knows just how long to give each healing need,

And tries to force a shutdown that we should surely heed.

As individual as we are, our needs are special too,

So no one has the right or know-how to tell us what to do.

Some take slow steps toward journey end, resting where they may,

While others rush through briar and flood, not caring where they stray.

Another’s path may climb the heights, then plunge to valley floor,

Or stride along a ridgeway, ignoring gravity’s law.

Whichever way your path may lead, it’s your path – no one else’s,

Take it as your heart dictates to find your special places.

I had to stop writing last night – my limbs are like lead – so I finished my verse message this morning. Not proof-read as I like to express from my heart. Also as I’m composing on a tablet I don’t know how to do a soft return. So sorry about spaces between lines. X