Symbiotic relationships

Perhaps we can learn from the animal kingdom.

Looking out from the bathroom window the other day I witnessed something I had not seen before.
Three sheep, taking their ease on three ledges was a picture in itself.

Then a magpie arrived, closely followed by another.

The magpies did not appear to be interested in the other two sheep, simply concentrating their attention on the ewe at the top of the bluff.

The magpies then set about pecking at the sheep – on the head, back, and around the mouth. Not once did the ewe show any concern, quite content to let the magpies peck at anything that seemed to take their interest. I can only speculate that the magpies were after insects and the ewe was happy to have their cleaning service.
The exchange was mutual – a perfect symbiotic relationship.
Perhaps we could learn that not everyone is “out to get us”. It could be that if we let others in, there could be a mutual benefit. Or at the very least, we might gain more than we lose.

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My thanks to my husband for taking the photographs for me to use.

Take care, and stay well.
Marilyn X