Challenge #9 Kitchen Gadgets

The kitchen is one of my favourite places, but not usually for photography. From Assembling a meal, Baking up treats, to Creating craftworks, I spend a fair amount of time in there. So here’s a few of my most useful or most used culinary gadgets.

Trio of time savers:

Slow cooker that lets me sear first.

Wide-slot toaster that takes toast-a-bags – one of the best inventions ever for those who love a tasty toasted sandwich.
And yes, that’s me reflected – camera poised – still in my PJs!

Most basic of microwaves that we took out of our caravan. It was certainly surplus to requirements there.

Morning machine

Multi-grain dough ready to bake rolls for lunch!

Reliable ribbons

Salad spirals in a twist. What’s not to like?

Zest for life

My absolute favourite, gorgeous gadget.

An indispensable classic

Equally at home in sweet or savoury, a Bara Brith bake or a steam of spinach, this little gizmo does the job.

Guess the gadget

First is a firm favourite.
Second is second to none in its class.
Third is a lightweight, but it keeps control.
Now, why did I buy this?

And finally, for fun …

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Kitchen Gadgets Photos, my contribution to Dr B’s Challenge your Camera this week. Check out his site, start snapping away, and join the challenge at:

Stay safe. Stay well. Look forward to better times ahead.
Marilyn X