Mental health: a personal view in verse

I wrote this verse during my first hospital admission, two weeks before I was to turn 19. The structure and language are self-conscious, embarrassingly so, but it held enough truth for one of the ward sisters to keep a copy.
About 40 years later the same sister arrived to work the night shift on the ward where I then was. She recognised me and asked if I would type out the poem again as her original was somewhat dog-eared. Social attitudes had changed so much in the intervening years, and she introduced herself by her forename. Could I use it? Not easily. To me she was still ‘Sister Lewis’ of Marigold ward.

27th August 1969, by MMC
Mid night draws near
And Sleep envelopes the world in darkness,
For only one does consciousness remain,
Or such is my conviction. That one is me,
The tranquillity that I so desire
Unable to attain. Silence surrounds,
As does the dark of night, so absolute,
So all consuming in its entirety. But sleep must come,
A refuge in the tempest men call “life”.
The tablets have effect, but not for long
For then come the torments: dreams and nightmares
Haunt the night, but with the certain purpose
To calm and quell the horrors of the day;
You can never, never escape either.
You are falling, falling, never ending.
So you wake, knowing that you only dream
But unable to forget the terror
Which the spectral visions brought.

The terror leaves
And escapism dawns like the new day.
Lying in bed, snug, secure, secluded,
Alone, and in an “ivory tower”
Of peace, protected from the world’s evils.

The calmness becomes a reality
Like the coming of the life-giving sun:
The leaves are motionless, the birds begin
Their early morn song; a faint breeze, a stir
As blackness leaves the sky.
The hospital
Comes alive: hustle and bustle abounds
As nurses rouse patients from their slumber
Preparing to break the fast of the night.
Alone, and at peace with yourself, you think
of the friends and family that you loved;
The few, so few, who genuinely care.
Lazily you remain curled up in bed
Knowing you should rise and prepare for the day
But unable to find the courage

To continue.
You think of those for whom you can feel love,
Whether expressed or not, since blatancy
In love in insincere: the love I feel
Is too personal to be voiced abroad.
A mere gesture, or token of friendship:
A flower, a book, a light touch of the hand,
Reveals inexpressible emotions
And brings a bliss to the
heart, the soul,
Rarely experienced.