Is there a-ppoint to appointment departments?

A Heads-up here. Soapbox Session header means I’m in total rant mode.

Scene setting: late last week I received a letter from the Appointments Coordinator of an NHS Foundation Trust. It was to tell me I could make an appointment with the Neurology Clinic and should reply within 7 days. I did not have a clue what this could be about as the letter gave nothing away.

That afternoon I got through to appointments and all they could tell me was that it was for a clinic last referred to in my notes 3 years previously (2016). I still didn’t have a clue so said I wouldn’t take up the appointment as there were bound to be many people much more in need of being seen. The appointment clerk was over-joyed to have a space cleared.

I searched through my paperwork. I’d actually seen the Consultant 5 years previously (2014) when I’d spent a day on a ward having multiple tests for severe pain. The following day I phoned the Neurology department to see if they could give me more information. No. I decided once again that I wouldn’t take up the appointment.

Two days later I received another letter from the Appointment Coordinator, same phone number. Except this one stated that, as I’d not replied to their two previous letters they had taken me off the waiting list and “advised your Consultant and GP accordingly”. I was b****y furious. Not only had I phoned both the Appointment Coordinator number and the Neurology clinic, I had not been sent two letters. Further, despite the first letter giving me 7 days to reply, the second letter was dated just two days later and the same day I made my first call.

This is not the first time I’ve had problems with an Appointment Department at the Hospital Trust, and the last time it happened I made a complaint that was never satisfactorily resolved. Well not for me. The letter from them said that they found nothing wanting in their actions and it was a closed matter.

Tomorrow is Monday and they’ll be open for business.

And I’m ready.

Let you know how I get on. It won’t be pretty.