Conwy Castle, but not as you know it. More surreal images.

A visit to Conwy Castle afforded a great opportunity to capture photographic images that I thought I could blend to create a surreal montage. Sometimes when I have this kind of project in mind I will start from a broad outline of intent; other times it’s a complete free flow of ideas. On this occasion it was most definitely the latter.

It was a lovely day, relaxed and with very few people about. I snapped away capturing as many different angles as I could. I love details, preferring to use a telephoto lens rather than wide-angle.

With the basics in place my ideas for a story-line took over. An image of the prolific foxglove that is such a part of the North Wales countryside was added. I just needed a ‘human’ aspect to this theme of loss / decay / longing for the past. I saw the very thing in my own garden – a pale grey planter in the form of a melancholic female head.

Final stage was to add a caption:
‘The spirit without’

I decided on the caption to tell the story on many levels.

  • the spirit of melancholy is outside the castle, longing to return – to security, to a loved one
  • the spirit herself is without a life, a home, a corporeal form
  • the castle is in decay and crumbling because its life, its spirit has gone

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