Is music vital to my well-being? Yes and No.

Music is not a ‘take it or leave it’ for me. Never has been and probably never will. It’s always been an extreme in my life.

One very early memory of music being vital to my well-being is from when I was about six years old. Somehow I locked myself in the bathroom. I yelled and yelled and eventually my Dad came upstairs and set-to opening the door. I think he had to dismantle the door handle and lock. I’m going back to the mid-1950s. My solution to keeping calm? Singing a song that was popular at the time: I thought that it was Emile Ford’s What do you want to make those eyes at me for? but I now know that he released that in 1959. It was a hit for Betty Hutton and, whoever sang it, it was a strange choice. Even stranger now that I understand the message behind it. I guess I liked the rhythm, and I knew the words. Later we did buy Emile Ford’s version and it is still in my list of favourites.

The Beatles were the soundtrack of my teens

Even now when I’m nervous I still sing or hum, I think to myself but usually it’s not. Actually I don’t need to feel nervous – I just make sounds most of the time.

Right now I’m working on my own in our caravan so that I can play music at whatever volume I like. It’s not that my husband and I have different taste in music, far from it. It’s just that when I’m concentrating, or chilling, or needing to relax music is my go-to solution. When I’m distressed, heading for Shutdown, music will lift me and sustain me until the storm subsides. When I’m in the throes of a Meltdown then mega-loud music will help contain my anger, frustration. I can stomp to it or do any heavy-duty physical stimming. It is a safe release valve that doesn’t hurt anyone else and keeps me from hurting myself.

The angry void that needs to be filled

So when is music not such a good idea?

Basically when I’m already in Shutdown or so far into Meltdown that I can’t have music as loud as I need. In the latter situation I need my head totally filled with noise and that is often not a safe volume.

How does music affect you? Do you love it or loathe it, or maybe you can take it or leave it? Are there songs you remember from way back? Or perhaps a song you can’t get out of your head.

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