Love is in the air

Is it in your heart?

These are such difficult times. The future doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon; the past seems so long ago. There is new growth and new life and new partnerships building in the natural world. For us, there’s too little of everything. Even traditions and celebrations are memories.

Dydd Santes Dwynwen, Burns’ Night, St Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow, 25 January, is the celebration of the Welsh saint of lovers. Santes Dwynwen is the equivalent of St Valentine in Wales.
It is also Burns’ Night when Scots celebrate the literary hero Robert Burns. Love of a different hue, but love all the same.
Next month, 14 February is the day St Valentine is remembered with hearts, chocolate, and wine. And cards.
In lockdown, in the abyss of a pandemic, little of this is possible.

Get creative

More and more is being written about the health benefits of creativity. Being creative in the form of crafting can be a lot simpler – more straightforward, less expensive – than painting or sculpting. It is possible to create by re-purposing. It is possible to become more creative through activities you do already for more practical reasons. Cooking, baking, crochet, sewing, woodwork, building …

For a long time I have used creativity to boost my mental health. One craft I enjoy is designing and making jewellery and I now have so many items stored away in boxes. I recently had the idea to slow down the process and record what I do, posting about my projects.
I hope you enjoy sharing my projects.
Thank you for reading. Stay safe. Stay well.
Marilyn X