Reflecting on Finding My Voice: an update on my book review

Last month I wrote a review on ‘Find Your Voice’ a journal style paperback that aims to get you writing. Each double page has a prompt, sometimes two, and it has amazed me how effective this simple device has proved.
I would like to share some of this writing with you.

Prompt: Finish this sentence, ‘If tomorrow our sky is no longer blue …’

If tomorrow our sky is no longer blue
if tomorrow there's only an unfamiliar hue,
if the sky just reflects each feeling we show
red, yellow, green, for high times and low;
If tomorrow our sky is no longer blue,
but stripey or spotty, not wavy nor true,
if the sun's left its orbit to strike out alone
to take a unique path - stop being a clone;
and depending on where it rests in our sky
a new band on the spectrum will shine and defy
what's accepted as 'normal', the correct type, the right gear -
and diversity will reign supreme, the new 'norm' without fear.

Prompt: If walls could speak write down a conversation you might have with them.

Wall: Where have you been?
Me: Outside. Taking time out.
W: Why? We protect you.
M: Sometimes I need to be in my own space.
W: What do you mean?
M: Space is what you enclose, contain, control. All the things that
I need to escape, when I need to breathe in my own confines.
W: What is that?
M: The boundaries I make for myself.
W: Why is that so important?
M: Because I have needs that are unique. No-one can know
what I want or need. Without autonomy I cease to be.

The prompts are so varied and although the writing activities must be fitted on a single page I always feel free to express thoughts any way my mind goes. And I can write as frequently – or infrequently – as time or inclination dictates.

If you like what you’ve seen – and what this journal style can offer – you can check out the book’s details in my review.