Embracing the Art of Well-being, with very little effort

And even less expense.

Having spent years and years not looking after my well-being, more to the point – not capable of looking after it – I now desire wholeheartedly to do just that. And to help me achieve my goal there’s a plethora of written material and paraphernalia everywhere I turn. But having so many answers creates the main problem. What began as a very uncomplicated, very attainable pathway to a more simple life took on a life of its own over the few years that followed.

I have written previously about how Mindfulness became a huge enterprise for less scrupulous advocates. https://marilynunmasked.blog/2019/05/13/blog-13-may-on-being-mindful/

In 2016 the Danish ‘hygge’ was spreading as a minimalist philosophy for creating well-being centred on an atmosphere of warmth, and peaceful surroundings. Three years on and, like Mindfulness before it, the entrepreneurs have muscled in. You don’t need to change your mindset to create this ambience; there are books, rugs, candles, even teas that will do it for you. It has become on-trend.

So what about the new kid on the block? Is it destined to fare any better?

‘Mys’ (pronounced mees) is a similar lifestyle philosophy from Sweden. It promotes a relationship with your surroundings and with people that imbues your days with cosiness and relaxation. As with hygge in its original form mys does not need ‘things’ to make it possible – well not outside what you possibly already have. It definitely does not require objects that are packaged and labelled ‘MYS’.

You can celebrate mys any time: weekends or weekdays, for an evening or a day, in Summer and Winter. It is not just for ‘special’ times; you can experience it whenever you want, or need, or choose.

Here are a few suggestions for making your chosen time a mys time:

  • cosy up: as the days get chillier pull on your big thick socks or slipper boots to pad around indoors, or wrap up in a thick jumper to sit and watch the spectacle of nature
  • snuggle up: wrap yourself up in a favourite wrap or fabric and curl up with a great book or listen to music you love
  • lights down: do away with bright overhead lights and go with softer sidelights or candles (we use dimmer switches where possible and have very low energy rechargeable ‘candles’ that have the ambience but not the faff of lighting and snuffing and are used when watching TV, at mealtimes – even in our caravan!); we even have a string of heart fairy lights strung up in our bedroom
  • call a friend (or partner): grab a duvet and get cosy on the sofa to watch a favourite film; plan and prepare a family meal – or enlist their help – for a ‘not-for-anything-in-particular’ celebration
I’m reading a truly marvellous life-affirming poem ‘Phenomenal Woman‘ by Maya Angelou in the practical anthology The Poetry Pharmacy by William Sieghart.

Basically it can be about doing anything that helps you feel that life is wonderful, warm, and worthwhile. It is not about buying more stuff, not about being pressured to do what you’re not comfortable with, and definitely not about being on-trend.

It is about being happy with your own space, in your own skin, with the things you love.

Have you tried Mindfulness? Do you embrace ‘hygge’ as a lifestyle choice? Does ‘Mys’ sound good to you? Please join the conversation and add your comment below.

Thank you for reading.